UEBOT - Cloud-based Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot
Alternative to investing in cryptocurrency directly

Expect average compound annual return of investment exceeds 150%


As we know, long-term holding of cryptocurrency can achieve higher returns. However, holding cryptocurrency is only a unilateral going long market, and market prices are unlikely to continue to rise. Usually, when the market rises to a certain high level, it will be accompanied by a large drawdown, unable to maintain sustained growth.

UEBOT uses the API KEY created by the user-supplied cryptocurrency exchange account, and the entire process is automated to perform trading operations on the cryptocurrency exchange account.

UEBOT will do long market and short market in the process of automated trading, and hedge arbitrage through market volatility. As long as there is fluctuation in the market, there will be profit opportunities, so assets can maintain steady and sustained growth.

This is the main reason why UEBOT investment income exceeds the benchmark income of cryptocurrency during the same period.

Funds Under Your Management

We are not collective investment scheme.We only provide cloud-based automated bitcoin trading robot technology services.

Customers only authorization the API trading permissions of cryptocurrency trading platforms account to UEBOT, ensuring that the funds in the account are entirely controlled by the customers.

Moreover, customers can adjust accounts assets at any time according to their needs.

Lower Risk Than HODL Cryptocurrency

Risk exists in any investment tool, and UEBOT is not an exception. However, according to our real quantitative trading experiences in these years, UEBOT usually brings much more return than Bitcoin performance once you use UEBOT over a year.

Comparing with the 90% maximum drawdown of cryptocurrency investment, the default maximum drawdown of UEBOT using 2 times leverage is around 40%. In particular, we can reduce the drawdown to about 20% with 1 time leverage for prudent users.

More Features

We do not take the customer's trial and error, our company's own funds have tried 10 million times.

Cloud-based trading robot

No software installation,configuration and maintenance required

10% recommended commission

Referee can get 10% commission of the amount paid by Refer Customers

Pay After You Get Profits

We charges nothing without your profits. You can have trial before paid service.

Flexible Entrance / Quitting

Legal money and Cryptocurrency can both be invested. No lock-period.

Viewing profit anywhere anytime

You can log UEBOT to view real-time profit at anytime and anywhere on any device.

Bull /bear market are profitable

Our strategy can yield better profits regardless of the bull / bear market.

No Physical Transfer Required

The process is not only legal and compliant, but also avoids missing popular market.

Earning Excess Return

The average ROI of UEBOT strategy exceeds the performace of Bitcoin a lot.

How to Start?

Currently, we only provide services for customers with high-net-worth and certain risk tolerance. If your cryptocurrency exchange account has a net worth of more than $10,000, then you only need three simple steps to get UEBOT service.

Step 1.Sign the contract

Before the official use of UEBOT service, both parties need to sign a formal contract to clarify the interests, risks and responsibilities of the parties and lay a good foundation for cooperation between the two sides.

Step 2.Open and fund accounts

Our account manager will assists users to register and fund the specified amount of cryptocurrency or fiat currency to your account on the cryptocurrency exchanges supported by UEBOT.

Step 3.API trading authorization

Creating an API KEY with only trading permissions in exchange account, and submit the API KEY on the UEBOT management platform and complete the prepayment. Then UEBOT will begin to quantify arbitrage.


There is no hidden fee except that we will take 25% of the profit component from the customer's profit as a technical service fee.


After registering an account with UEBOT and completing real-name authentication, each user may have a free trial with $1000 or equivalent crypto-currency in trading account. The trial will be terminated when the user's profit reaches 100%.

During the trial, no fees will be charged and we will not be liable for any losses caused. The net asset for the trial should be under $2000, or mandatory liquidation will be executed and the robot will be stopped automatically.


Once signing formal service agreement with us, the user having $10,000 or equivalent crypto-currency in trading account (Beginner) needs prepay $500 for deduction of service fees, while the user having over $50,000 or equivalent crypto-currency in trading account (Advanced) can make payment after profiting.

The fees settlement will be executed by UEBOT every time the position is closed. When the beginner user owes $100 or the advanced user owes $500 service fees to us, the robot will be stopped automatically.


The users signing formal service agreement before 31-01-2019 will enjoy 100% principal protection policy. After using UEBOT for a year, we will compensate 100% loss caused by UEBOT strategy.

The users signing formal service agreement before 31-12-2019 will enjoy limited principal protection policy. After using UEBOT for a year, we will compensate 25% loss caused by UEBOT strategy.


The following are the major trading platforms that UEBOT support and have a long time cooperation, and we recommend UEBOT users to sign up and use UEBOT services on the following trading platforms